Glory to Hong Kong, a four-verse song with Cantonese lyrics that references “tears on our land” and “democracy and liberty”, has been picked up by thousands of people gathering in shopping malls, football match and parks.

It was written in 2019 by a local musician in his mid-20s, who only wishes to be identified as “Thomas”.

Thomas posted the first version of Glory to Hong Kong – sometimes translated as Glory be to thee, Hong Kong – on LIHKG, a local Reddit-like forum (link in Cantonese).


English Lyrics

We pledge: No more tears on our land
In wrath, doubts dispell’d we make our stand
Arise! Ye who would not be slaves again
For Hong Kong, may Freedom reign
Though deep is the dread that lies ahead
Yet still with our faith on we tread
Let blood rage afield! Our voice grows evermore
For Hong Kong, may Glory reign
Stars may fade as darkness fills the air
Through the mist a solitary trumpet flares
Now, to arms! For Freedom we fight with all might we strike
With valour, wisdom both, we stride
Break now the dawn, liberate our Hong Kong
In common breath: Revolution of our times
May people reign, proud and free, now and evermore
Glory be to thee Hong Kong